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Assigning Call with Deactivated User

My team has had members that have left, and their seats have been deactivated. After deactivation, I’ve gone back and identified calls that were not logged correctly that I’m having to log on their behalf retroactively.


My question for you all - Is it possible to assign a call with a deactivated user so it looks like it was logged by them when we export our data?



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Community Manager

Assigning Call with Deactivated User

Hey @CFrank9, thank you for posting in our Community!


It's understandable that you're facing this challenge with deactivated users in HubSpot. While deactivated users typically can't log activities directly, you might still be able to attribute calls to them in your exports.


One workaround could be to create a generic or placeholder user account specifically for logging retroactive activities like calls. Then, when exporting your data, you can map those activities to the corresponding deactivated user. This won't change the fact that the calls were logged after the users were deactivated, but it can help maintain accurate records for reporting purposes.


I hope this information helps,


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