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Hello Hubspot Community,


Our team here in Geneva has created a task force aimed at providing support to managers and teams who need it all over the world by offering professional listening and micro-coachings over the phone. 
As of today more than a hundred people from our community of coaches, facilitators, etc. have signed up to support this initiative by donating their time over the phone. We are already delivering pro bono Bubbles (20-minute phone conversations with a Bubble practitioner) in several organisations that are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, including medical teams.


In order to help us scale, we are looking for IT/digital project managers who could ideally volunteer a few hours per week to help us improve and automate some of our processes. If you have strong experience with Service Tickets, Automation/Workflows, Forms and/or Reports, or if you have just a good dose of goodwill and an interest in working with our distributed team of volunteers, you can sign up here


More info:


Thanks and have a great day!



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