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Start up looking for HubSpot help

I've used HubSpot in a previous role and have some skills but nowhere near enough to do what I want. I have set up some key fields and settings but need help with more difficult (to me) steps.


I know that I need:

  1. finish setting up web page
  2. connect PandaDoc to HubSpot
  3. create templates linked to PandaDoc (or whatever works)
  4. direct incoming enquiries to the right email address
  5. set up workflow for sales person to follow up leads

Teach me how to do steps 3 and 4.


I have used CRM systems for many years and have an idea of what I want to be able to do. I would value input on other functions which would help my business so am looking for someone with excellent communication and social media marketing skills.


We are launching internationally and expect fast growth.


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Start up looking for HubSpot help

Hello Judy,

I hope your enjoying the exciting time of launching your Start-up.  We are a US based experanced team of Hubspot Specialist, Marketers, Copywriters and Branding Experts.

I think we could be a great fit to help you overcome these hurdles, train you on your tools and stratigies for the future. 

If you would like to chat book some time or email at


Start up looking for HubSpot help

Hello Judygleeson,


I have integrate Pandadoc with HubSpot of multiple clients and also developed marketplace app please check
I have expertise in developing email templates, landing pages, themes, blogs, and modules in HubSpot.
Please check my HubSpot Profile:
Please choose your preferred time for a meeting


Key Advisor | Gold Partner
Key Advisor | Gold Partner

Start up looking for HubSpot help

Hi @judygleeson 


I'm Mike Eastwood, my HubSpot Partner Agency Webalite is based in Wellington, New Zealand. We've been a certified HubSpot Partner since 2016. 


Would you like to jump on Zoom so we can learn more about you goals and timeline?


Please pick a time that works for you and book yourself in.


Looking forward to meeting you.



Mike-Eastwood-Webalite-800x800px-20230811.jpgHere to learn more about HubSpot and share my HubSpot Knowledge. I'm the founder of Webalite a HubSpot Partner Agency based in Wellington, New Zealand and the founder of Portal-iQ the world's first automated HubSpot Portal Audit that helps you work smarter with HubSpot.