Sr. Developer Needed for Hubspot Website Customization and 3rd Party Integrations (Project)



SIDE NOTE: We are looking to fill this position ASAP as completion date is end of month. You will need to apply here: 


About the role:


The company has begun work on our new ecommerce website and are seeking a Sr. Front End Developer with systems integration expertise to finish up the work and launch it before August. Wireframes, Prototypes, design requirements and functional specs will be provided via Adobe XD and PDF alongside a scope document highlighting the remaining pieces of work to finish up. The site is built in Hubspot, with custom modules, and is to be integrated with CRM/ticketing platform, Tessitura. The site includes the main site and two microsites. The navigation is universal, with multiple dropdown menus.



  • Complete the remaining scope of work. 
  • Ensure all page templates and modules match the scope of work documentation.
  • Integrate Ticketing Software (Tessitura) with Hubspot
  • Develop all 3 menus for the main site and two microsites as per design specs
  • 3 Custom Modules to be developed
  • 8 existing Modules to be customized to design spec
  • Customization of Search Functionality and Filters
  • Get the website launch ready!


  • Experience with Hubspot's modular environment and Module customization
  • Familiar with API integrations and CRM systems
  • Candidates must have a strong understanding of UI, cross-browser compatibility
  • Ability to code assets and web pages using HUBL,  HTML, CSS and JavaScript 
  • Must be fully mobile-responsive
  • Must be able to adhere to Arts Commons brand guidelines

Contract Details: 

  • Contract rate will be negotiated based on relevant experience
  • Contract duration is one-month
  • Project completion date is the end of July


To apply for positon, you can make a free profile and apply here: 


Thank you! Please let me know if you have any questions or know someone who would be great for this project!

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