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Salesforce Administrator

The Salesforce Administrator will be responsible for leading, managing and owning our Salesforce platform to include CRM setup, understanding the sales opportunity process, and serving as the owner for platform improvements and optimization.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Administration of Salesforce, including change management, governance, communicating priorities and manage all aspects of Salesforce related projects 
  • Serve as the liaison for stakeholders at all levels. Translate technical and business information into sales professional terms
  • Lead user and license manager including new user setup/deactivation and management of roles, profiles, hierarchy/forecasting, permissions, public groups, and sharing rules
  • Administer configuration changes including: Workflow, Process Builder, Flow, assignment rules, approval processes, fields, page layouts, record types, dynamic layouts, apps, actions, custom settings, mobile administration, dashboards, and reports
  • Data management to improve Salesforce data quality, implementing rules and automation
  • Deliver training to all end users; monitor and improve user adoption
  • Management of integrated applications and thirdparty platforms

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional qualification and Sales Operations related experience
  • Strong Salesforce product knowledge and handson experience with at least 3+ years administration experience
  • Certified Salesforce Administrator strongly preferred
  • Excellent relationship-building skills and ability to be a liaison with stakeholders at all levels

Must pass background check.

Preferred location Orlando or St Petersburg Fl region, east coast remote with travel to Orlando and St Petersburg.

Direct hire, no contractors or agencies please. 



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