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Member | Elite Partner

RevOps / Marketing & Sales Ops Consultant - Senior is looking actively for experienced consultants around Revops, Sales ops topics ! (HubSpot based of course ;)) 


Location : Remote / France 


Process : send me an remail if you are interested 🔥 


PS : We also look for managers and various other positions. Let's speak ! 


* Be responsible for the growth of your own customers, through the deployment or revamp of CRM / Marketing / Customer service tools ;
* Be / Become an expert in the deployment of HubSpot CRM / Sales solutions;
* Be / Become an expert in the deployment of HubSpot Marketing solutions;
* Be / Become an expert in the deployment of HubSpot Service solutions;
* Set up advanced integrations between third-party tools and database tools (HubSpot, invoicing, ticketing, in-house tools, etc.) in collaboration with our API developers;
* Animate tool benchmarks, workshops around sales / marketing / data processes with high-level customers (CEOs, CMOs, etc.);
* Make process recommendations and produce documentation, deployment plans, user guides and other deliverables to support the deployment of tools;
* Implement (concretely) with other team members the devices you recommend;
* Provide training and adoption of proposed technologies (see them come to life);
* For customers already equipped, continuously support the improvement of settings;
* Be part of the team through Rex, internal learnings and help the achievement of our OKRs!




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