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Member | Diamond Partner

RevOps Functional Consultant

About Nexforce

Nexforce is a RevOps & Growth Strategy global consultancy firm. We are the trusted advisors of scaleups and enterprise businesses in more than 9 countries, we help companies like AWS, Intuit QuickBooks, ReclameAQUI, Contabilizei, Warren and many others to achieve exponential growth in a predictable, scalable and replicable way with our methodology. Are you passionate about challenges and innovation? Join us and unlock the true potential of your career.


The RevOps Role

As a RevOps Functional Consultant, your mission is to better align organizations based on strategy, process, workflow, data, analysis and technology. It is a hybrid job function that combines components of Marketing, Sales and Customer Success roles all wrapped into one, with a goal of helping to eliminate silos that are naturally weaved into the go-to-market process. 


Your responsibility is to create processes to enhance cross-functional collaboration between Marketing, Sales and Customer Success; Implement and optimize the tech stack for each of the teams above while thinking about how customers and prospects would best benefit from specific software at each stage of their journey; analyze business data across departments to make high-level decisions that impact the company’s bottom line.


Key Responsibilities
Demonstrate a successful track record as an analyst, specialist or consultant in Operations positions (Revenue Ops, Marketing Ops, CRM, Sales Ops, Customer Success Ops or similar);
Be proactive and have the ability to learn and adapt quickly to different situations and challenges, in order to understand each business needs and translate them into technical solutions; 

Be passionate about technology, operations, process / project management, and stay always up to date on trends and best practices;

Be organized, multitasking and punctual, demonstrating good task management and prioritization skills;

Ability to navigate different organizations and cultures, showing good communication skills across stakeholders from all seniority levels.

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