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Stratege/Strategin | Platinum Partner
Stratege/Strategin | Platinum Partner

Paid Media Manager - subcontractor role in Canada (remote)

Are you looking for a great role where you can work anywhere? That's always been our thing at Tangible Words. 

Job title:

Paid Media manager in a subcontractor role.


Job Description:

This role requires someone who has over one year experience launching and testing paid media campaigns (e.g. Google Ads, paid Social Media).  


You do not have to have HubSpot experience. You will bring with you excellent knowledge about how to drive revenue in an online campaign.


Your skills include the ability to conceptualize and research a best fit B2B paid media campaign, with appropriate tracking parameters to measure and improve the campaign.


You are experienced at creating content (images and text) for the campaign and launching it. 


You may have more experience in paid media for B2C campaigns, but  we work in B2B campaigns. Please do not apply if you do not know how to use your B2C experience and apply it to B2B companies.



You can work from anywhere, but we are based in Canada. So the two elements here that matter is: North American timezone hours for meetings and we prefer to pay in Canadian dollars. (Yes, we know about crypto but it's not a fit for us for other reasons.)


Hiring company and industry

As a Growth Agency, Tangible Words creates relief and profitability for other companies. Tangible Words offers the strategy and the muscle to companies who are not growing as fast as they used to, or who must prepare for growth in new markets; or who must grow their sales, customer service or marketing. Tangible Words has won awards for women in leadership, content creation, digital success and innovation,  and for sales growth.


Point of contact or link to apply for job

Please apply to Vicky Marrack at


Hiring Process

First we will be looking for reviews of your work, and samples.

Second, we will interview you and help you choose whether your work values align with our company values.

Third, we will ask you to complete a challenge and present it to team members.

Fourth, we will ask you to complete an NDA, Non-compete and a DISC profile to see how you fit into our company culture. You may have additional interviews with other team members.

Finally, we will run an onboarding process, and welcome you to the team!

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Paid Media Manager - subcontractor role in Canada (remote)

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