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Key Advisor | Elite Partner

Need a Email Delivery Expert for Audit


I work for LiveArt an Art and Technology company. We've had some problems getting our email program going as we keep hitting technical issues causing drops in KPIs. Enter you...

We are looking for a Consultant for a one month engagement (fully remote) to perform an Email Deliveribilty Audit and diagnose/ troubleshoot our current problem and set us up for future success in the email department. 

Our team is comfortable in HubSpot and won't need training in how to use the tool but these technical email send issues are just a bit much. 

If you think you can help please reach out to me at  

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Key Advisor | Gold Partner
Key Advisor | Gold Partner

Need a Email Delivery Expert for Audit

Hi @ConnorSlivensky 


Following up from the introduction from Dennis in Slack, I've sent you an email.