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Marketing Manager

Foxfury Lighting Solutions is committed to providing quality products that save lives. As we continue to expand, we are searching for a Master Marketing Manager to serve in the key role of developing, implementing, and executing strategic marketing plans with experience in marketing to the Fire, Industrial and Law Enforcement markets.

This person will play a critical role in aligning creative direction with the company’s strategic objectives.

The following personality traits are required of one who commits to serving in this role:

-A masterful ability to think creatively and innovatively

-Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends, challenges, and possible outcomes.

-Leadership skills to motivate team members and manage conflicts

-Time management and organization skills in order to plan and execute both large and small marketing projects and initiatives

The following are the responsibilities that will need to be managed:

-Execute email program to drive traffic, sales growth, and positive ROI.

-Maintain the timely execution of the FoxFury email program

-Successfully launch customer segmentation strategies

-Execute a testing strategy to optimize email performance

-Using social media marketing tools to create and maintain the company’s brand.

-Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) for social media campaigns

-Write clear marketing copy to promote our products/services

The following are the requirements that the ideal candidate will bring to the relationship:

-Verifiable competence as a creative writer

-A deep understanding of traditional and emerging marketing channels

-Great leadership, communication, and collaboration skills

-Able to work independently and efficiently in order to meet organization goals and keep up with established metrics.

-Verifiable experience building marketing programs and reporting on the results

-Verifiable experience with ESP, CRM, and CMS.

-Verifiable experience with WordPress, HubSpot, and preferred.

Please note:
This is a long-term opportunity for career-minded candidates ONLY. For those who feel that they are the proper fit for this position, in addition to sending your resume, please include a brief description of approximately 250 words on why you feel that you are the ideal candidate for this position. Such will be mandatory in order for the resume to be considered.

Both items listed MUST be included with your submission for your resume and candidacy to be considered. To apply, please click here to email your qualifications. 

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