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Hubspot Strategist - Canada, NS

Avidly Canada are looking for a Hubspot expert to join our team. It's an exciting opportunity to join at the start of our journey in Canada and play a major role in our growth plans.


Job Role:

The goal of the CRM Specialist is to facilitate the use of the HubSpot platform for our clients.  Working across the entire HubSpot platform it is the specialist's role to review, advise, configure and implement the platform as the client requires.  Working with clients on specific projects ranging from a 30 - 90 day project.

Some specific tasks that are included in the job role:

  • Strategic setup and configuration of the HubSpot platform
  • Identify ways to improve usage of the CRM
  • Provide consultancy support with HubSpot to allow our clients to maximise their usage for the system
  • Map and build customised reports and dashboards
  • Train teams on how to use the HubSpot platform
  • Identify and be proactive on ways that our clients can be more efficient within the HubSpot platform
  • Build strong relationships with clients
  • Work strongly with the Solutions team to create bespoke scopes of work
  • Run demo’s of the platform
  • Build and set up workflows (automated processes) and standards or 
  • Migrating entering data into the CRM
  • Work with sales, marketing and service teams to map and build their processes

Ideal skills required would include

  • Expertise in HubSpot(or similar eg Salesforce)
  • Experience in CRM setup
  • The skill to resolve technical CRM issues, including responding to bespoke requirements
  • Ability to manage several different projects at once
  • Great communication skills to build relationships with clients 
  • Strong communication and  presentation skills - reporting to key stakeholders to present the project
  • 1-3 years of CRM experience
  • Proactive approach both internally and with clients - always be thinking of what we can do to grow our services as well as supporting our clients growth
  • Good problem-solving abilities

    Apply for the role here
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