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HubSpot and Internal Operations Process Automation Engineer - Fully Remote

Sendmarc is a global cyber-security company focusing on protecting the internet by providing email security.


We are looking for a Automation Engineer who believes in continuously modernising our processes as a catalyst for sustained business performance. As our Senior Automation Engineer, you will lead automation design and implementation to accelerate our Sales org’s success. Our CRM is HubSpot, and the automation of business processes in HubSpot, as well as information exchange between and other key platforms will be the primary focus of this role. 

Successful Automation Engineers tend to have a few things in common:  

  • They have a passion for building scale and efficiency through a centralized, automated approach.  
  • They enjoy partnering with business stakeholders to understand challenges and key goals, and are able to launch and iterate rapidly on solutions.  
  • They are able to derive simplicity from complexity, this person is adept at translating concepts across technical and non-technical audiences, working across teams to get things done.  

Key Duties and Responsibilities  

Refine our current enablement strategies by unifying systems, process, and data across the business 

In this role, you’ll get to:  

  • Perform hands-on technical work with a variety of different technologies (iPaaS, PaaS, AI, SaaS, open-source, custom software - and combinations thereof) to solve impactful business problems. 
  • Partner with stakeholders (Go-To-Market teams, Developers, Customer Success, Financial and more) to evaluate opportunities to leverage automation at scale and lead execution in designing, building, testing, and optimizing your solutions. 
  • Analyze the estimated impact (likelihood to increase Rep efficacy, improve conversion rates, etc) of various automation opportunities to help prioritize our automation roadmap.  
  • Dive deep into the Sendmarc Business process and how Sendmarc structures and collects data as a solid foundation to fuel creative problem solving. 

We are looking for someone with: 

  • A growth mindset with a love for learning, figuring out how things work, evolving what exists today, and a passion for the possibilities unlocked with advancements in AI. 
  • 3+ years of professional experience, ideally in the software (SaaS) industry. 
  • Experience creating automation and business solutions with iPaaS and low/no code tools (HubSpot, Power Automate). 
  • Experience with data modeling, data integration, data transformation, ETLs, and RESTful APIs. 
  • Experience with Looker or other data visualisation tools. 
  • Experience with HubSpot or other CRMs. 
  • Comfortable in quantitative analysis and informing decisions with data.  
  • Have light programming experience (Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Java, etc) 


A plus if you have: 

  • SQL proficiency preferred 
  • Experience with AI tooling (LLMs, vector databases, and transformers). 
  • Experience with cloud-based technologies, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. 


Please apply for this role here.

You can also reach out the me directly.

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