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HubSpot Administrator for fun agency (remote)

A HubSpot genius who loves strategy just as much as the tech. You're an expert in every Hub and live to help clients improve their platforms. 


A HubSpot Administrator at Evenbound is responsible for (you guessed it) HubSpot! Plus the technology and strategy that go with it. You will be responsible for implementing HubSpot solutions and automations, integrations, migrations (SalesForce, SharpSpring), training, providing technical support, and helping our clients fully leverage the capabilities of HubSpot. Who are our clients?


US and Canada-based companies that value quality over price and place a premium on expertise and strategic thinking. They trust experience and are ready for Evenbound to be their experts. They need your help, and so do we. 


Are you our new HubSpot CRM Administrator/Marketing Technologist? 


Let's see: 


You're a nerd at heart. No worries, we are too! While you crush client communication and relationship-building, you live to let your inner nerd free as you dig into technology and data.


You're a helper & a problem solver. You're great at helping clients get what they need, you're down to problem solve those sticky points, and you do it all with excellent time and project management. 


People like you. You love seamless integrations, accurate data, and delivering actionable insights to clients.


You've seen our Core Values, and you dig 'em. Flexibility, Fun, Growth, Excellence, and Service. If you can live up to those five, you're in great shape. 


We'd like you to:

  • Have 2+ years of professional HubSpot experience and serious certifications. From marketing, sales, and service to the HubSpot CMS, you're certified in all of it.
  • Have experience working in a marketing agency or technical company. Basically, we want you to be as good with people as you are with the tech.
  • Have a bachelor's degree. If you don't, but still feel like a great fit, let's chat.
  • Have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • Communicate well with clients. This is big. We've got a lot of clients, they're all different, and they all expect top-notch service. 
  • Be very organized. This position requires you to manage clients, projects, and your own time. 
  • Be coachable. We're not into telling people what to do, but if someone offers direction or advice, we'd like you to be able to follow that and apply any feedback you get. 

Benefits and Perks:

  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Health & dental insurance, 401k & bonus program
  • Flexible schedule
  • Paid holidays and time off
  • Work where you want, when you want. At Evenbound, we believe we work best when we set our own productive schedules. That flexibility extends to where we work, too. While we have an office right in downtown Grand Haven that we love (there's a coffee shop right downstairs!), our team works remotely most of the time. There's no weekly "in the office" quota to meet — we work to get work done, however that works for you. 
  • Regular team meet-ups. Since the Evenbound team is primarily remote, we work hard to schedule team meet-up opportunities every few months. From camping to ski trips to industry conferences, we believe that hanging out in person makes our team stronger, helping to build real relationships in a virtual world.


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