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What we do at IMPACT:

IMPACT is a digital sales and marketing education company that empowers its clients to take control of their own marketing destiny. IMPACT is not like other agencies. In fact, we believe that the traditional agency-client relationship is flawed. Too often, businesses are trapped in a never-ending cycle of dependency, paying an agency to complete inbound marketing tasks they could do themselves.


Instead of this dependency, we focus on education and autonomy. We train our clients to become free of any agency, including ours.


We do this by leveraging and implementing the They Ask, You Answer business philosophy.


How the HubSpot Trainer fits in:

Many companies that use the HubSpot platform outsource its setup, daily use and/or maintenance to an outside agency. When their agency relationship inevitably ends, there is a major gap in both the knowledge of how the portal is set up and functioning, as well as in the technical skills needed to manage and maintain the portal.


So how do companies know if they are truly utilizing HubSpot to its fullest potential and safeguard themselves from not understanding how the tool is set up?


In working with you, their HubSpot trainer.


As a HubSpot trainer, you will be responsible for training (oftentimes entry-level) digital marketing managers or specialists, as well as seasoned sales teams, on how to best leverage HubSpot within their organization.


You won’t be doing the work for them, but rather teaching and enabling them to do the work for themselves. This involves everything from teaching technical skills (how to use a specific tool or functionality) to coaching on bigger-picture strategy (how to set up and use HubSpot effectively based on an organization’s specific needs and goals).


Ultimately, you are helping transform the digital marketing manager/specialist into a critical resource within their company so their team can use HubSpot to attribute true ROI for the work being done to help grow the business.


Location: This is a remote, US-based position. However, a bonus if you're located within a commutable distance from our office in New Haven, CT.


Salary Range: $75,000 - $90,000 based on experience.


See the full job listing (and apply) here!

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