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Hiring HubSpot Administrator (Remote - India)

As a Hubspot Administrator, we are looking for an innovative, get-it-done, Hubspot master that can drive results. A dynamic professional who is driven by a passion for technology, is strategic in approach, strong in operational acumen. Hubspot is the core engine of our marketing organization and an ideal candidate must have the ability to manage the intricacies of Hubspot while aligning the platform to match our organizational goals and strategies. You will consult teams and departments on HubSpot best practices, teach stakeholders how to problem-solve, and implement great ideas into HubSpot.


Location: India (Remote)




• Support the day-to-day running of the business within HubSpot, which includes interacting with business users and technology partners, in support of the HubSpot CRM environment.

• Working closely with the management and marketing teams to review, recommend and implement best practice processes and procedures within HubSpot

• Overseeing data integrity within HubSpot CRM through data import management, data clean-up, and deduping

• Developing, executing, and testing sales and marketing campaign automation

• Segmenting lead generation lists based on marketing campaigns

• Tracking and measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in CRM

• Creating and managing profiles, layouts, reports, dashboards, process automation, and other configurable parts of the interface for end-users

• Assisting in data import/export/updates

• Providing day-to-day end-user support and assisting users with best practices to improve and increase their knowledge of HubSpot

• Reviewing and reporting on automation results and making actionable recommendations to the marketing team based on data

• Identify, develop and automate data integrity through automation workflows

• Managing the optimization of our HubSpot instance, including platform integrations, workflow development & management, templates, and troubleshooting

• Serve as a subject matter expert for all things HubSpot, whether it's within the technical strategy, implementation, execution, and troubleshooting

• Consult on and implement advanced marketing ops topics (e.g. attribution, lead scoring, and inbound/outbound approaches, etc.), sales ops topics (e.g. sales enablement, sales org structures, and sales process optimization, etc.), tech stack topics, and service ops topics (e.g. client onboarding, customer support, service org structures, and service process optimization)

• Work with clients and stakeholders to understand business requirements and provide accurate configuration, reports, and dashboards

• Administer and support HubSpot platform (user setups, profiles, and roles, reports and dashboards, customized objects, fields, record types, page layouts, workflow, and validations)

• Monitor and manage HubSpot releases and feature changes

• Understand and support data security (role hierarchy and rules sharing)

• Communicate the capabilities of the HubSpot platform with the client

• Complete regular internal system audits and make recommendations

• Offer guidance and assist in decision-making based on the latest features and functionality available in the HubSpot platform


Qualifications and Skills:

• 2+ years of experience in developing and owning HubSpot (not just certifications). You will be expected to own the HubSpot system as well as the dashboard and reporting.

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Hiring HubSpot Administrator (Remote - India)



I am Alyssa Milligan located in Minnesota in the United States. You can reach me at

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Alyssa Milligan