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Hello HubSpot Community 


We are an organisation that uses HubSpot professional. We have been doing inbound marketing for around 15 months and it has been very succesful. 


We now create a lot of contentent of a daily basis and we need to hire a graphic designer that can use HubSpot. 


I would be excellent if someone could provide me with some adivce on how to go about this eg; Where do I go on the internet to find a graphic designer 


I look forward to hearing from you all...or otherwise...


If you are interested in working as a Graphic Designer for us...email me on walter@storemasta.com.au or ring me on 0439 784 833. 


All the best 


Walter Ingles 


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Hey @WalterI could you please share some examples of the type of content you're looking to get help with?

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