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Comma8 is Hiring a Hubspot Focused Front-End Web Developer

Comma8 is looking for a web developer to work on ongoing marketing projects leveraging the Hubspot platform, including elements such as web pages, campaign landing pages, emails, and more.
“About Us” sections always feel like a forced dating bio. So we’ll cut right to it: we solve complex problems for some of the biggest brands in fit-tech. We’ve collected the expertise needed to help them find and amaze their customers with top-notch digital fitness experiences.
And we work with some unbiasedly awesome people, who believe in deep diving on new challenges, personal growth, and having a life. Since we know you’ll deliver, we’re a Results-Only Workplace Environment, where we offer as many vacation, sick and mental-health days as you need to get the job done.
With projects ranging from high-impact, cutting-edge solutions to complete strategic overhauls we can promise you one thing—your work will have a meaningful impact on an active and thriving customer base.
About You
We’re seeking a Front-End Web Developer with Hubspot experience to build large-scale marketing campaigns for health and wellness brands. You will be responsible for Web development and content builds in HubSpot CMS for website pages, blogs, emails and landing pages, along with SEO audits and best practices.
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Comma8 is Hiring a Hubspot Focused Front-End Web Developer

@cgraham2 Just checking if you are still looking for HubSpot Developer, I have 6+ years of experience in HubSpot CMS Development, and I will be happy to work on your project. please feel free to share your project details at