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AdsMoham on May 25, 2022
Here are two platforms for international students which able them to find and apply to study abroad. Which one of these websites would you like regarding their dashboard and user experience? The first one is applyboard.com and the second one is read more
May 25, 2022
https://app-eu1.hubspot.com/academy/25776331/tracks/1028124/1024819/4459?_ga=2.225513242.1227628931.1650187401-850120814.1646756363&ruid=2725754...read more
web-apprentice on April 27, 2022
I am currently Inbound certified and just started the Inbound Marketing certification. I find this a tad confusing. It seems like Inbound is more of an overview and Inbound Marketing digs more deeply into the mechanics. Would this be a fair read more
9 Replies
Community Manager
May 16, 2022
You're very welcome, @Berlin !
JUrquidi on April 26, 2022
Hi, it´s a pleassure to being here and start learning more about the inbound philosophy
2 Replies
May 07, 2022
Not new to Inbound sales, but new to Hubspot. Looking forward to getting back into this industry.
DHUMSHAN on April 19, 2022
My first impression is, yes. They are thorough. However, I have invested a lot of time and money in online courses which barely touched the real world implementation side of things. What I want to know is, Can I formulate effective Digital Marketing read more
Community Manager
April 21, 2022
Hi @DHUMSHAN , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! There are many Academy courses that dive directly into our software and show how...read more
chrlee on March 10, 2022
A recording of the session where Kit Lyman gets us deeper into behavioral marketing.
Inbound Professor
May 12, 2022
We appreciate it!
Rubengonzalez on February 27, 2022
Hello everyone, My name is Ruben, I am a full-time student at Florida International University and also work full-time for a healthcare IT provider as a business analyst in the sunshine state, FL. I recently created a new account login in Hu read more
1 Reply
Community Manager
March 01, 2022
Hi @Rubengonzalez , the first time I came across the HubSpot software was when I applied for a role at HubSpot! 😁 And my first react...read more
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