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Champion 6月 29日, 2021
Hey there! Welcome to the Inbound Study Group. The purpose of this post is to walk you through the experience of getting started and how to get the most value out of this Study Group. If you have any specific questions or comments, please reply in t 続きを読む
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9月 28日, 2023 14:01
Hi all, This is Minbo from Singpaore, Looking forward to sharing to and learning from you all! Such correctful platform is introduced to the...続きを読む
drewspotshubs 9月 27日, 2023
ANyone have any neat or little-known websites that help you get the social media marketing done? Here's a couple I love using. is a site that just compresses a batch of files really fast. It's perfect when an event photographer or s 続きを読む
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Mohussain23 9月 20日, 2023
Hey there, everyone! i hope you all are having a great day. My name is Mohammed Hussein, I'm from Tanzania and I'm absolutely thrilled to be joining this amazing Inbound marketing group. I'm glad to be apart of this group. let us help each others 続きを読む
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ソートリーダー | Diamond Partner
9月 20日, 2023 14:34
Welcome to the community and study group @Mohussain23 , happy you're here!
PVyt 9月 02日, 2023
Hey everyone, Philip here from Belgium, great to join this study group. Anyone coming to Boston next week? grts
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9月 13日, 2023 07:10
Hi everyone, my name is IRIE and i'm happy to be here to share my little experences as possible and learn from everybody. thanks
TOlapade 8月 25日, 2023
Hi 👋 Everyone, My name is Tomiwa, from Nigeria 🇳🇬 I am glad to be in apart of the inbound marketing certification and this study group, shout-out to Hubspot Academy for providing me with this incredible experience ❤️
9 いいね!
4 コメント
9月 02日, 2023 05:04
Hi Everyone My name is Billy, from DR Congo. I am so glad to be part of this group, and learning about Inbound marketing.
ru_dima 7月 31日, 2023
Hi there, my name is Dimitriy Vityukov, but you can call me Dima! I am currently a Future Leaders Intern focusing on Marketing Research and Business Development in Clark County, Washington for the Columbia River Economic Development Council (CRE 続きを読む
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9月 15日, 2023 11:57
Hey there, I'm looking to take this one, inbound optimization, reporting and a few others.
lydiagrime 6月 29日, 2023
Hi everyone! I’m curious to know how others in the group are using the workbook to supplement the Inbound course. Are there any tips or strategies that you’ve found particularly helpful? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.
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3 コメント
7月 19日, 2023 18:17
I'm planning to use it as a review, I'll use the studyguide to take notes and when I finish the course I'll do the exercises with the help of my note...続きを読む
KMacaspac 6月 05日, 2023
Hi everyone! 🙂 I am a newbie here, I am seeking advice on how to create an effective inbound marketing strategy for a video editing company.
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2 コメント
8月 10日, 2023 12:25
hello, i have just started my course too! nice to speak to you 🙂
obiesnote 5月 30日, 2023
Hi everyone, just joined the group, is there an onboarding page?link i should read? im new so please send suggestions my way, thanks!
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2 コメント
5月 31日, 2023 11:01
Thanks a lot Kristen! will go through both links!
Thien_vo001 5月 28日, 2023
Hi, I would like to join this HubSpot study group.
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1 コメント
5月 30日, 2023 09:36
Hi @Thien_vo001 , Welcome to the Community! It seems that you were able to join the Inbound group , but if you're not able to access the con...続きを読む
Ceceee 5月 27日, 2023
Hello! It's nice to meet you all in here. I hope to learn a lot from you guys and this is definitely new to me since I'm taking a big step on changing my career path.
4 いいね!
1 コメント
ソートリーダー | Diamond Partner
5月 29日, 2023 15:44
Hi @Ceceee , welcome to the HubSpot community! It's definitely a step in the right direction! Feel free to share more about your journey so f...続きを読む
JBowen2 5月 20日, 2023
Hello everyone, my name is Jasmine and I am studying for my Bachelors. I was wondering since I have to do this for my class assignments, I'm looking for a little extra help to get me through this class and contain the information given to me.
3 いいね!
1 コメント
5月 23日, 2023 06:43
Hi @JBowen2 , Thank you for reaching out to the Community Group! I'd recommend downloading the study guide and adding your notes there as...続きを読む
thetoilethelper 5月 19日, 2023
Hello HubSpot Community, I'm currently exploring inbound marketing strategies for my business and would greatly appreciate some guidance and insights from the community. Here are some specific questions and areas I would like to discuss: C 続きを読む
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2 コメント
ソートリーダー | Elite Partner
5月 19日, 2023 17:09
Thank you for the tag @kvlschaefer ! Hi @thetoilethelper - love that handle! Instead of writing it out, I recorded this short video for you...続きを読む


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