Customer psychology

Hello every one,

Iam Duong. I am from Vietnam.

I feel very lucky when i know inbound because Inbound will help me and my company are able to grow and grow better. 

I want to discuss about "Customer psychology". What do people think about the psychology of customers when these people will have to pay a large amount of money for an educational business organization, namely an international certificate training with a small tuition fee. Is it correct to use the word "grumpy" to describe this client file?

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Customer psychology



Lovely to meet you Duong, I am David from Canada. 


I think marketing is pure psychology, everything is about human behaviour, and how our clients perceive us. 

I think I can relate to you. I work in an immigration company, we help people immigrate to Canada. One of the obstacles I have seen over the past year that I've been in the company is the objection about money, Frequently clients say the service is too expensive.  I would love to have your insight in how do you handle this kind of objection, and of course how inbound marketing could help ease the process for a seamless and less stressful process for the clients and my team. 



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Customer psychology

Hi @OngThuyDuong,


Welcome to the Inbound Study Group, and thank you for reaching out!


I wanted to invite some of our subject matter experts to this conversation.

Hi @Jnix284@Olivia_Bagnall@Sam62@DavidDennison - Do you have any thoughts or advice for @OngThuyDuong?


Thank you!




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