Content Management Platform for Multiple Businesses?

Does anyone have recommendations regarding an ad/content management platform where I could link to multiple social media accounts for multiple businesses? I'm currently managing ads and posts for both my own company and a company I'm doing freelance work for. It would be great to have everything all in one place but I'm not sure what my best option is. Thanks!

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Content Management Platform for Multiple Businesses?

Hi @mbiggio29 ,

Do both companies have HubSpot? I think that would be the best solution to manage social media and ad accounts for each. It is very easy to switch between HubSpot portals - if you use the same email to log in to each. So you could manage and schedule all social media directly from the HubSpot account linked to the each. 

Hope that helps. 

Jonno Price
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Content Management Platform for Multiple Businesses?

Hi @mbiggio29,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

I wanted to tag in a couple of subject matter experts to see if they have any advice:  

hi @Jonno_Price@DavidDennison@NicoleSengers@Ian_Matt, do you have any recommendations for @mbiggio29? Thank you!


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