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KyleJepson 6月 29日, 2021
Hey there! Welcome to the Inbound Sales Study Group. The purpose of this post is to walk you through the experience of getting started and how to get the most value out of this Study Group. If you have any specific questions or comments, please repl 続きを読む
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7月 17日, 2024 17:06
Hi , I am very excited to learn more let get started
LakshyaPrasad 7月 22日, 2024
did anyone understand how decision makers choose a vendor in b2b deals and ways to leverage business in terms?
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トップ投稿者 | Diamond Partner
7月 24日, 2024 10:53
Hi @LakshyaPrasad , Choosing a vendor in B2B deals is a critical decision for organizations. It involves multiple stakeholders and is influenc...続きを読む
minasibog 7月 16日, 2024
Hello Everyone! I'm kel and I been working in HS/CRM for more than 2yrs already and I am thinking that for me to grow and learn more, I should be learning also on best practices on how other manages/handles there CRM/HubSpot. I hope I can co 続きを読む
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7月 22日, 2024 07:40
Hi @minasibog , You are very welcome! To ensure visibility and collaboration, please share all your ideas in our dedicated space . 🙂 ...続きを読む
Michael_AbJ 6月 21日, 2024
Knowing that no organization is perfect, and some revelries or negativity may still occur despite your best efforts. However, by implementing certain strategies, you can create a positive work environment that minimizes the impact of negativity and 続きを読む
殿堂入り | Elite Partner
6月 25日, 2024 08:10
Hi @Michael_AbJ here are my recommendations (with a little help summarizing my thoughts from ChatGPT): Building a culture of respect, trust, ...続きを読む
GSilva13 6月 10日, 2024
hey! gabriel here, ready to learn new things
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6月 10日, 2024 17:40
Hey @GSilva13 , thank you for posting in our Community! It's fantastic to have you here, and I'm excited to see your enthusiasm for learnin...続きを読む
RuthCarey 6月 07日, 2024
Hi Everyone! My name is Ruth and I am currently working in the finance industry. How can I say it? My job is just that -a job. I want something at the end of the day I am feeling really passionate about, and sales is calling my name. I 続きを読む
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6月 12日, 2024 14:33
Contact a Channel Manager from one of the Technology Solutions Distributors such as Telarus, AVANT, Sandler Partners or Intellisys. Sign on as an Agen...続きを読む
CHarward 5月 22日, 2024
New member to the Study Group:)
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6月 06日, 2024 05:35
I think we should creat a proper group on WhatsApp or Telegram instead of this app because I am not feel comfortable to talk on this app.
LJenkins23 5月 22日, 2024
Hi everyone! I'm Lindsay - I work in the Creative + Marketing Service and Solutions industry. Excitd to be here and learning from all of you!
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5月 22日, 2024 18:12
Hey @LJenkins23 , Welcome to our Study Group! It's great to have you in the group! Your experience in Creative + Marketing Service and Solu...続きを読む
arzenatangan 5月 17日, 2024
I'm really excited to learn more about sales, I'm looking forward to attend trainings and seminars!
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6月 05日, 2024 17:45
Hi Everyone!
JarrodWronski 5月 13日, 2024
Hey everyone, glad to be back within the HubSpot Community. I joined awhile back while with FASTSIGNS and have moved to different things. Still love HubSpot, it really helped me succeed and looking forward to sharing in everyone's successes!
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4 コメント
5月 15日, 2024 12:21
Thanks John. Glad to be back here. Looking forward to completing more certifications! And learning!!!!
TDement16 5月 10日, 2024
Hello Everyone, I am new to Hubspot and will be training to be able to use this as a tool to be more efficient for my customers on a day to day basis. I've heard nothing but good things about hubspot. What are your thoughts about the software? 続きを読む
12 いいね!
2 コメント
5月 31日, 2024 04:03
Hi, I am working with a company as an intern and start using HubSpot for the first time in my life. The way it's helping in the business sector I lo...続きを読む
APerry9 5月 10日, 2024
Hi, I'm new to Hubspot, but not CRM tools (Dynamics, Pipedrive and even Excel Spreadsheets and Access Databases). Probably considered an experienced business development director and strategist, I'm keen to learn how Hub Spot works. Also keen to 続きを読む
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5月 12日, 2024 19:10
Thanks, already working my way through the Academy...
riteshxror 5月 09日, 2024
hello everyone i am ritesh and i am exited about learning tech sales .
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5月 09日, 2024 18:42
Hey @riteshxror , It's fantastic to have you here. Tech sales is such an exciting field, and your enthusiasm is contagious! Feel free to as...続きを読む


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