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Prospecting 101 in Hubspot

Does anyone have a good resource to learn how to prospect through Hubspot from the ground up - literally want to train my team on every step, using this tool.  We've defined the market well for them.  Now it's time for them to do research on their targets and then start the prospecting process.  

I plan to do exactly the same thing, as I want to learn and be part of it as well.  



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Prospecting 101 in Hubspot

Thank you - My goal here is to have them working with Hubspot open on the side and give them a very clear guide like this:

Open hubspot so that you can record/capture all of your data.

  1. Select one of the specific organization we're targeting.
  2. Research the contacts we want to get in touch with - add all of them to hubspot
  3. Research each contact and any of their recent content - add links to hubspot in XYZ field
  4. etc
  5. etc
  6. Organize your contacts into tiers based on XYZ criteria
  7. Go contact by contact and do your outreach.  
    1. email through hubspot using templates and content loaded.
    2. call using your cell phone and the hubspot app so that it documents the action of a phone call.
      1. document what the result was - voicemail, live contact, wrong number
    3. determine which campaign they should drop into.
  8. Wrap up and make sure you've captured everything and every contact is in some type of funnel.


I like being very prescriptive so that people know what to do during their blocked hour of time.  Once they get the process down, they can modify and make suggestions for us to improve.



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Prospecting 101 in Hubspot

Hi @CBaugh,


that's an interesting topic, I wanted to share a couple of HubSpot resources as a starting point: 


Hi @taztech@RLuchsinger@CChiles@GaryMa, do you have any other suggestions for a good sales prospecting  resource? 

Thank you!



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