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Is Email Marketing dead?

I would love to start my collab on this community by a basic-common question I used to ask myself every time a new email marketing campaign-program-project is about to start on my team.


By trying to understand the fact that email marketing is not dead, is concerning how this marketing/sales activity remains the top activity for sales conversion, nothing new on this, right? but the fact that everyday all brands and companies are struggeling to pitch via email or anyother comm channel, is the interesting thing! personal-conversations are the key component on any activity, any of us are not used to said the same thing with the same words to each of the clients, partners, vendors, employees, no matter who, our human behavoir push our conversations to the specific-taylor made situation.. we're not robots, and the funny thing that robots are becoming the more "humans" nowadays... the commun thing on this: human-personalizated-conversations are the thing!


Hope to read, share and learn on this amazing community!


Un cálido saludo!



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Is Email Marketing dead?

To me, email marketing is designed to send helpful information to recipients that are expecting communication. I also receive a ton of emails from people that I do not know, which I simply ignore. However, in Companies that I know, I tend to see what they send me. Cold Emailing should become a thing of the past. Instead, the marketer must use Emails to continue the conversation, not start. We have all heard of this phrase, send the right message, to the right person at the right time. Use Ads, Blogs, Gated Content to convert, and then use email marketing to connect.

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Is Email Marketing dead?

Hi Alfred,


Interesting and perpetual topic!  I'm in the process of drafting a new email marketing campaign and asking myself this same question this morning! 

I'm looking at the results of my last marketing email and seeing decreased open levels.  I'm aware that some of this is due to Apple's new  privacy settings on iOS and Mac.  


From personal experience, as someone who receives an inordinate volume of marketing emails each day, most of which are automatically filtered out, I feel that we now live in an era where sales are driven more than ever by the buyer.  

As a company that offers SAAS, I feel like our customers and potential customers have become infinitely more savvy during the past couple of years (both pre and during COVID) both in terms of their needs and doing due diligence on providers.  Previously, as sellers, we could bombard potential customers with our offering and rely on a few responses.  I increasingly feel that buyers screen out this "noise" and will actively reach out to vendors when they need our services.  

There will always be a place for email marketing, but I feel returns are ever dwindling as consumers become more empowered.  We need to focus on the inbound methodology... and produce marketing emails that deliver genuine benefit to our subscribers.  


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Is Email Marketing dead?

I read the same thing you said somewhere else. Buyers are more informed and drown in advertising.

We filter incoming informations. Having our message passing throught is hard.


The solution is to personalized each message as much as possible and to create great sells copy. I don't know how efficient is copywriting but I'm gonna test it !

Check Dan Lok Copywriting YouTube videos or his article :


 There was also another technique from the famous sales company Predictable Revenu. Where you only ask to be refer to someone that could be interrested in your offer. It takes off the pressure of selling. Check this summary of Predictable Revenu's book :


Hope I did help you 🙂