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How you handle customer?

1. How you handle customer if he/she really mad at you because have problem with their things/product?
2. How you manage your life as sales representive?

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How you handle customer?

1. Acknowledge that you realise they are unhappy, perhaps say something like "I’m sorry to hear you’re not happy with how things are going"


Then try to ensure they realise you're there to help them and on their side. The you could ask them something like "What would be a step forward ideally?" Then you pause and listen actively.


Thank them for sharing a possible way forward.


Then reiterate your intention to help them and if you have a suggested way forward too  share it with them.


If you don't have a way forward you can commit to immediately, perhaps ask for some time to regroup with other stakeholders to see how things can be resolved.


Sometime people can be seem unhappy at work and the root cause has nothing to do with work.


Perhaps someone, including ourselves could be having a bad day and it will pass eventually.


2. Taking time to practice self awareness, mindfulness and emotional intelligence is a great way to not only  optimise the quality of our work life but it also optimizes our quality of life and ability to optimize our relationships outside work too with family, friends and new people we encounter with diverse personalities & perspectives.


Hope this helps.


How you handle customer?

Time and time again we will meet an angry customer.

If possible meet them face to face,away from other persons.make them comfortable allow them to air out their problem.listen without interrupting.

Repeat what you hear .

Let them confirm what u said.

Ask how you both can solve the issue together if possible 


How you handle customer?

Hi @haslinsaid Thanks for raising such a great topic!

The first thing to remember when handling an angry customer is that customers are humans, after all. They need to be listened to and feel understood.
That's why, in similar situations, it is essential to talk to the client, try to empathize, and not feel offended.
If you can build a strong relationship with your clients, you'll be more comfortable when facing these issues.


Now, regarding your life as an SDR, I believe that work-life balance applies to you just like any other job. It is crucial to plan your week and take baby steps while keeping in mind the bigger vision ( your quarterly objectives, for example).
Also, celebrating small wins helps in keeping motivated and disciplined. So be proud of yourself when you make that call, send this inmail, or close this meeting! You deserve this!

Finally, free time is essential. Take time to meet your friends/ family, go to the gym, and enjoy some leisure activities.

Efforts always pay. Keep it up!


How you handle customer?

Great question!


I empathize with them and explain to them that I'm only human, so I make mistakes too. But the good thing is we have an opportunity to fix things, and that's my main focus now! 

First, I'd review the engagement letter (if applicable) with them to make sure everyone is on the same page, so go line by line and discuss in detail what your services provide and what they actually received so you can get to the root of the problem.  And if it's a product, then review what went wrong; you may have to get a replacement product for them, and find a way to ensure the next one meets standards- I don't sell physical products so I'm not as familiar with the process in this case, but I'm sure you'll find better/more info on this sub topic from someone else.


Secondly, the best thing to do is take care of yourself with by enjoying free time hobbies/family/friends/enough sleep because you need stamina to help a lot of people and reach your sales goals, read books on what you need to do to organize your week, execute on organizing your week, and remember even though it's organized doesn't mean it will go perfect but it will help you set priorities, make sure things get done, and give you a sense of control amongst all the chaos that happens during sales cycles, etc.


That's all I've got, hope it helps @haslinsaid and good luck!



Kind regards,





How you handle customer?

I will take a shot at #1 from my experience at a software services organization

  • Set up an in-person meeting if you can, but meet the client
  • Hear them out without being defensive
  • See if you have a reasonable way to exchange the product /service that's been faulty

Show a ton of patience, and be nice, it always helps. Mad customers, when served well, could be long-term customers.

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How you handle customer?

Hi @haslinsaid,


Thanks for reaching out to the Inbound Sales Study Group!


I wanted to add members of this study group to this conversation.

Hi @JCEspinosa29@AFitzmaurice@JHurdle@klloyd__1@GWestley@jori, @Roynal  - Do you have any insight for @haslinsaid's questions?

Thank you!




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