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Hey all! Lets talk outreach

Heyy. I am new here, and just wanted to throw in a topic that I see a lot of people talking about recently.


Outreach, how do you approach cold outreach? With the world of sales changing, have you mastered this skill? Is there a process you follow, a set of "rules" you like to stick to.


Opinions all welcome! 


Have a great day

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Hey all! Lets talk outreach

I am new here, too.  For me,  old-fashioned phone plus email seems effective.  And, I agree with @AdamLPW .  Knowing at least a little something about your buyer/prospect before just reaching out is pretty critcal.   


Also critical to long term success is having a firm grasp of the problems my product solves, the impact on my future buyers if they have those one or more of those problems, and possible underlying causes of those problems. 


Then I can tailor all my messages, both calls and emails, around one potential problem at a time.  If I create my messages correctly, the buyer will reach out if they have that problem - and want to solve it.  If there is no response with one problem, I will give it a rest, then move on to the next problem I solve.  


When buyers reach back, they know exactly why they are reaching out, the problem they want to solve - and I know I can collaborate with them to build a great solution.  Definitely a win-win.


And, I imagine this could work well with social media platforms, too, though it may be harder to personalize.

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Hey all! Lets talk outreach

Hi @DMckeown,


Welcome to the community!

Interesting question.  I guess my answer would be that I attempt to adopt what I've just decided to unironically call an "inbound approach to outreach", if such a thing is possible?!

The modern, informed buyer is wise to all our cold outreach techniques.  Sure, you can spam emails and there will always be uptake, but what works infinitely better, in my opinion, is a small investment of time researching people.  What have they been up to?  Have they blogged recently?  Any notable achievements shared on socials?  

A well-drafted, subtly-personalised email can still be super-efficient, but deliver [insert stat about more engagement here] times better returns on your time, vs. non-personalised emails.  See this link here - just throw in a placeholder for stuff they're up to.  Your email can still be a template but spend 5 minutes adding some personalisation to your outreach.  

So maybe it's lukewarm inbound outreach?!

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