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Good Day everyone!

Hello! My name is JC, 26 yrs old from the Philippines. I wanted to learn more about inbound sales for my upcoming business ideas. Where can I learn more about sales and how can I improve it even further? 

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Good Day everyone!

Hi JC ( @JCEspinosa29)


In addition to other advice you'll get from the community, I'd like to add that you should check out Inbound Sales Office hour events hosted by @KyleJepson and @Trygve.


They share priceless up to date insights on inbound sales and have guests join them from time to time as well. 


You can join the event via the link below or catch it on LinkedIn live to if you want, just follow Kyle or Trygve.


Here's  the link to the next event on August 16th 2022:


Hope this helps


Good Day everyone!

Hi JC!  The inbound sales certification course is an excellent place to start; I just took it and passed the test, which taught me much about inbound selling.  There are also lots of great books to read and discussion groups on LinkedIn - I like the "Sales Gravy" group on LinkedIn.  There is also a HubSpot channel for Podcasts, and there should be some out there on sales (I listen to the "Daily Hustle" and love it!)  I hope this helps!