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First "big" actions inbound

Hello everybody, I am new in this community and I am so happy to discover you.

I am just hired like Managing Director of Sales in Fintech company. We are two societies like that in the local market but our competitor is most visible than us since 5+ years. My challenge is to reduce the gap with us. We sell the same principal product and we were the first in this market to propose that. But, we have not followed. That why the population is habbited with our competitor cause since this time, our society did any actions to maintain his place in the market.

My question is, what is the principals actions your recommand me when I will start (first february).

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First "big" actions inbound


Congrats for the new job!
I think I'll need more details in order to give you proper advice but it's
always good to start with creating/ refreshing the Buyer Persona, then have
a proper content mapping based on their pain points and afterwards create a
lead gen campaigns strategy. Let's connect and we can discuss more if you'd

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First "big" actions inbound

@Destin welcome to the community!


Has your company been using HubSpot for a while? If so, there are likely processes in place and data that you can leverage in reports to get a sense of what the sales look like.


I would highly recommend completing the Inbound Sales and HubSpot Sales Software certifications, both will help you hit the ground running when you start in February.


I'll also tag in some friends @danmoyle , @jolle , and @chrisworqflow  to offer their advice on getting started with Inbound Sales.


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