Great minds think alike

Have an idea that you think will improve the HubSpot product? We think so, too.

The ability to partner with our Community members for Ideas and feedback is one of my favorite parts of working in the Community. HubSpot's customers know our software better than anyone else, and having their continued input and creativity is essential.
Jenny Sowyrda,Senior Community Manager
The Ideas forum is our go-to tool for gathering user feedback. It helps us with prioritization, research, and most importantly, amplifying the voice of the customer. Thank you for all your great Ideas!
Francis Ndicu,Product Manager
The Ideas Forum helps me get a finger on the pulse of customer demand. I get new Ideas on my radar, as well as find early beta users for new features. Thank you to all our HubSpot Community members for pitching in!
Stephen McMillian,Associate Product Manager
When a user shares how an idea would help their business, it’s an incredible gift and show of trust in HubSpot. Thank you to everyone for your feedback!
Hannah Roberts,Associate Product Manager
The fuel for this sprocket-shaped rocket ship we’re all on together always has, and always will be feedback from our customers. You all helped us shape what HubSpot is today, and will help us shape where HubSpot goes tomorrow. Sincerely, thank you
Shay Redmond,Senior Product Manager