Share your tips for INBOUND (rookies and experts)

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INBOUND. For some, the word conjurs up memories of sprockets, flywheels, and tired feet. For others, it's a week long boot camp. And for some still, it's a new experience. 


Whether you've been to four INBOUNDs or none, we all have our tips and tricks to surviving and thriving during week. From organization tips (don't forget your business cards) to handy hacks (bring a portable phone charger), we all have some knowledge we can share. 


What do you wish you knew about INBOUND before arriving your first time? What's the tip you learned last year that you don't want to forget?


Let us know! 


...and if you're wondering what INBOUND is or wanting to learn more, start here.

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To kick things off, my tips would be: 


1. Dress for the day: wear comfortable shoes and bring a layer for the air conditioning.


2. Plan out your schedule early! The earlier you know where you're going, who the speaker is, and what content you'll be engaging with, the more you can be present and enjoy the day! 


*If there are two sessions you want to attend, see if you can find a buddy (or colleague) to trade notes with afterwards.


3. Don't lose your pass! 


@roisinkirby@Phil_Vallender@Josh@bradmin what are your tips for surviving and thriving at INBOUND? 


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It would be my first time and I am really excited!! 🙂 so I am taking some notes and recommendations from everyone


Also, I would love to hear and learn from others. 


@Kaleudia@mvandooren@llacruz what are your thoughts? Any tips or advice you would like to share? 🙂 

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Hi all! It’s my first time and I’m really excited to attend. Any tips & recommendations are more than welcome 🙂 I’ll make sure I wear comfortable shoes and stay hydrated! @Willson  what about you?

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Great thread! 


1. Hydrate/Snacks - Bring a water bottle and maybe some snacks. It'll keep you going all week long. 


2. Sleep - There are always a lot of events throughout the week, at all hours, don't over do it all at once. Get some sleep, at least the first two days. 


3. Pick your spots. You can't do it all, but if there is a keynote you're really stoaked about, get there early, and get a really good seat. You many have to miss some other stuff but it's worth it to be up front. 


4. Make friends. INBOUND is more than just great speakers. Meet people, put on your extravert camp for a little bit and make some new connections. 


5. Come to the demo stations at INBOUND HQ - we've got some sweet scwag for people who do :). 

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Love this thread. Thanks for getting it started. This will be my 7th INBOUND!


1.) As previously mentioned, plan your sessions in advance and have a general understanding of where your next session is before embarking on the journey. The BCEC is huge.


2.) NETWORK. Sometimes I get more out of the conversations that I have than the sessions. It's OK to be an introvert, but talk to as many people as your personality will allow. My favorite networking times/locations are while I'm waiting for sessions, during the Club Inbound events, and the Seaport Parties. 🙂


3.) Dress comfortably. Relaxed business casual is probably the most common attire. 


4.) Plan your lunchtime. The lines at the food trucks can get long, but if you go early or late, you'll get right through. If you go too late, you might find that some of the vendors are out of things. My personal favorite is the Banh Mi from Bon Me.




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Josh Curcio

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Speaking as someone who's worked near the convention center since leaving HubSpot:

Be prepared to walk. The convention center is huge. Viable lunch spots offsite are, at best, a 15-minute walk away. While you can and should visit the Seaport during your stay, it's at least a one-hour diversion, round trip.

It's also going to be about a 10-minute walk from South Station (if you're on the red line) or about 5 from the World Trade Center stop on the silver line. Give yourself extra time in the morning, especially as there will be increased headcount and strain on public transportation.

If you're a step-counter, you're going to put on 5,000 a day at a minimum, and 10k or 15k+ is absolutely possible. Comfortable footwear is imperative.

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It'll be my first time attending too, can't wait to see everyone and get involved! 


I'll be taking onboard the points for the aircon, finding cools spots and being well rested and ready to take part. 


Open to any and all recommendations to get the most out of this event Smiley Happy

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Pen and paper, laptop, phone - take notes (or pictues of slides!)


The INBOUND agenda is jam-packed with an incredible lost of spotlight speakers and expert-led breakout sessions not just by HubSpot, but companies like Google, Facebook and Adobe.

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Its going to be my first time, so I am really happy for this thread. Some ideas and tips are very helpful.  
With the schedules being so full, how does anyone get any time to visit the booth/expo? 

Hope this helps
Thank you.
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Great advice from @jennysowyrda @roisinkirby @Josh @bradmin & @Marcus_Andrews 


This will be INBOUND #5 for me. I would add:


Get the lay of the land around the convention centre. Sea Port may look pretty compact on Google maps but its deceptive and the walks can be long.


Know your journey time to and from the centre. Traffic can get pretty crazy during peak times and you don't want to miss a keynote in the back of an uber - oh, and definitely have uber or another ride-hailing app on your phone ready. 


Finally, Boston is full of amazing restaurants suitable for all budgets. Do a little research beforehand and you can have some incredible food experiences to top-off all the learning. DM me if you want any restaurant recommendations - I have some firm favorites!


Last word - seriously, as the others have already said, dress comfortably (especially feet), wear layers and travel light!



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