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RevOps Track at INBOUND



INBOUND 2021 will feature on sessions focused on helping Ops people meet your goals in creative and innovate ways. 


Check out these RevOps sessions at INBOUND and block your calendar now. You can view the full RevOps agenda here.


The Right Way to Scale: Building a Theory of Business

October 13, 07:00 am (EST) | Sam Jacobs (CEO, Pavilion)

Product, marketing, and sales – how does each function play a role in the success of a company? And where should your team be focusing to ensure you’re able to grow efficiently? Join Sam Jacobs, one of the top go-to-market executives in the United States and Founder of Revenue Collective, as he explores the order of operations leaders need to follow to ensure product-market fit, drive demand, and close sales. He’ll also explore the role of unit economics in decision making and the KPIs you should be tracking to understand the health of your organization. 

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90 Days to Revolutionizing RevOps at Your Organization

October 13, 08:15 am (EST) | Juli Durante (Director of RevOps, Impulse Creative)

When you think about how your company is operating, do you feel like something is not quite right? Are you built on multi-tab spreadsheets, manual processes, and endless bandaid solutions? You're not alone... but you don't have to operate that way. In this session, you'll learn a three month timeline for defining your ops process, implementing the right sales and marketing tech and integrations, and putting a plan in action. 

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AMA: Future of RevOps With Jen Spencer, Chief Revenue Officer at SmartBug Media

October 13, 11:15 am (EST) | Juli Durante (Director of RevOps, Impulse Creative)

RevOps is disrupting nearly all industries. The convergence of CRM technology and inbound process is propelling revenue teams towards critical operational efficiency. RevOps will be a top priority for many organizations as they prepare for an unprecedented surge in hiring and revenue growth post-Pandemic.


Join this AMA to ask Jen Spencer, Chief Revenue Officer at SmartBug, HubSpot’s highest-rated partner agency, your most pressing questions around RevOps and what this latest trend means for your revenue organization. On a mission to help our clients create a seamless, end-to-end revenue engine, Jen has a wealth of knowledge to share.

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A Crash Course on RevOps

October 13, 12:15 am (EST) | Alison Elworthy (EVP of RevOps, HubSpot) & Rosalyn Santa Elena (VP of RevOps, Neo4j)

As RevOps continues to gain traction, have you been wondering what all the buzz is about? In this session, industry leaders Alison Elworthy of HubSpot and Rosalyn Santa Elena of Neo4j will walk you through the fundamental principles, how they’ve scaled their businesses using RevOps, and leave you with tools to build your team’s strategy moving forward. 

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Rise of the RevOps Developer

October 13, 02:00 pm (EST) | Connor Jeffers (CEO, Aptitude8 ) 

Whether you’re a company looking to enhance your RevOps stack beyond what's offered with no code, a RevOps professional looking for the next step in your career, or a developer interested in learning more about building on top of HubSpot, this session will teach you about where Developers sit in the future of the CRM Platform.

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RevOps in Real Life: A Case Study, With Operations Hub

October 13, 04:00 pm (EST) | Kyle Jepson (Academy Professor, HubSpot) & Mary Grothe (CEO, House of Revenue)

Now that HubSpot has defined RevOps, Kyle Jepson & Mary Grothe are going to make it come to life. How does a B2B company use HubSpot with Operations Hub to transform the data flow throughout the client lifecycle? This 30-minute deep dive + 30-minute Q&A was created for those who want to understand how one company approached building a RevOps function, the transformation of revenue tech stack, and the outcome.

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RevOps + Moneyball: The Rise of the Strategic Technician

October 13, 6:00 pm (EST) | Matt Bolian (Co-founder, RevPartners)

HubSpot is a CRM. Employed as such, it will transform a formerly fragmented, piecemeal approach into a cohesive force that drives your growth and revenue. However, it is common for HubSpot users to independently utilize one of the four hubs - Marketing, Sales, Service, or CMS - while still operating from a separate CRM, rather than fully integrating onto the platform. The result - a disjointed, “Frankenstein” positioning. Scaling companies that take the strong stance of a true HubSpot hero know that the platform can really be the all-in-one “hammer” that equips teams to make them superstars.

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Visit to check out the full INBOUND agenda.


Check back for more highlights and agendas coming soon! 


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