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Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

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INBOUND - it's a highlight of the year for many. The anticipation of hearing from your favorite speakers, the joy of breaking out your fresh notebook (or pulling up a fresh doc on your computer), and getting to network with your fellow HubSpot enthusiasts. 


With all the options and excitement, though, it can be daunting to keep up with everything happening at INBOUND. 


Thankfully we have a crew of INBOUND experts and HubSpot enthusiasts ready to help you navigate finding all of the important information around INBOUND. 


Introducing your 2021 INBOUND Correspondents!


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@Lucila-Andimol // @MuseDebbie  // @DBellamy // @JenBergren 

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@Bruno_Teixeira // @DamianThompson // @ctwtn // @JWall 


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@milcapeguero // @TeodoraPirciu // @Teun 

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@AdamLPW // @rlopez // @danmoyle // @Brenner 

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@piersg // @ChristinaKay // @vincenzolandino 


Connect with your correspondents on Linkedin and Twitter to stay in the know during INBOUND.


Without further ado, let's get to know who will be helping us all navigate the INBOUND world!


Start following all of your correspondents today and start prepping for INBOUND 2021

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Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

Love INBOUND! One of my favorite events of the year, every year


Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

En la empresa donde laboro las reedes sociales mas importantes son Facebook  y Linkedin ya que es una empresa B2B 

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Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

Hey guys!
It's my first Inbound be a correspondent. I'm fell so happy to participete!

I'm from Brazil, and I woul like talk with you about: marketing, sales, growth and statups!

Have a nice event!!

Brenner Natal

HubSpot Consultant | Inbound Marketer


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Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

I really feel so happy. This is my first INBOUND and being a correspondent is such a big honor. 

Looking forward to next week and also hoping to be part of this amazing opportunity when we can meet personally next year. 

Milca Peguero

Consultora, speaker y mentora de Inbound y HubSpot CRM

HubSpot Solution Provider

Ayudo a las empresas a crecer creando conexiones digitales auténticas con sus clientes, impulsando el éxito de sus negocios | Mentoría de Marketing Digital | Inbound Marketing | HubSpot Onboarding | Entrenamiento y Formación

Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

Can I say that I am very happy...nay...proud to see @piersg and @Teun  representing the HubSpot Community Developers!  Two of the brightest folx I know!  (don't let them know I said that)

Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner

Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

Haha! Thank you for making this community a great place for everyone!

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Top Contributor | Partner
Top Contributor | Partner

Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

Congratulations to all the Inbound Correspondents👏‼️


Thank You @ThatChristinaG and HubSpot Team for trusting us with this super opportunity to help🙌


Looking forward to growing better together🏆 #GrOwTeamGrOw


PS: is it just me or can't seem to find the orange heart emojis 🤔?

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Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

Hi all - proud to be a correspondent for Inbound this year.  I've been using HubSpot for about 3 years now and this will be my first Inbound!


Looking forward to learning new stuff and being inspired 🤓 

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Contributor | Gold Partner
Contributor | Gold Partner

Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

I can't wait for this to happen. It's a dream come true.  
I have a brand new notebook for the event and a ton of colored pens to take many, many notes. 
It's the first INBOUND for me, too. 

Keep it simple!

Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

Thanks so much for including me as a correspondent! I am very excited for Inbound and to help spread the word of everything I learn there!


I found Hubspot at a previous agency that used it for one client's marketing, which led me to attend the local HUG group run by the awesome person who eventually became my boss, @RemotishAgency ! I moved to her agency (my current agency) which manages clients' RevOps and WebOps inside of Hubspot. We're all HubSpot, all the time, very technical work. I was on the client-facing side for 2 years and now I am in Operations, using HubSpot for our internal agency needs.


This is my third Inbound. Last year I was looking forward to my first in-person Inbound and first trip to Boston, and we had our travel plans booked, then we all know what happened in 2020! 


I am looking forward to the increased amount of RevOps content at this year's conference, as well as the partner networking and keynote speakers.




Jen Bergren

Sr. Operations Manager

Remotish-- A HubSpot RevOps and WebOps Agency

Jen Bergren
Human-Centered Operations Leader, HubSpot SuperFan, Instructional Design and Lifelong Learning Advocate
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Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

So excited for this!!!! 

Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner

Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

I've attended every INBOUND but 1 (but was at the pre-INBOUND event in 2011) and still get excited every. single. year. !!!! It's a privilege to spread the word as a correspondent this year. I'm looking forward to being a part of it all this year. Cheers! 


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Dan Moyle

HubSpot Advisor

LearningOps | Impulse Creative


Introducing your INBOUND 2021 Correspondents

This is actually my first INBOUND so it's a true honor to be a correspondent!