INBOUND 2017 IS HERE! Share your experiences and ask your questions...

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Hey Community Members. INBOUND 2017 season is upon us! INBOUND’s purpose to to inspire, educate, and help you connect with the people to grow and transform your business.  Find a quick guide to INBOUND 2017 here, or go to With great keynote speakers, workshops, and networking events galore, you are sure to find the help you need.


There’s a lot going on in those four days. To help target your efforts, the INBOUND team has developed learning agendas to show the breadth of content available, and help you decide where to focus. Check out the INBOUND 2017 topic agendas.


Looking for specific HubSpot training? INBOUND Training Day takes place on Monday, Sep. 25. Eight separate sessions to help you move forward with your business. Find out more about HubSpot Training Day @ Inbound here.


Have you been to  INBOUND? Let’s hear about your experiences.  Got questions? This is great place to ask. 

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Very much looking forward to Inbound! I've been to several and it's always a great time. 


A few tips:

  • Plan in advance what sessions you plan on attending and pre-register!
  • Network. There are a ton of great people to talk to. Take the time, say hello, and start a conversation.
  • Dress comfortably - especially shoes. There's a lot of walking.
  • Attend a Sea Port party (or multiple). They're a blast and another great networking opportunity.
  • Drink lots of water. Between the amount of walking and the beverages consumed each evening, water will be your friend. Smiley Happy

I've been through the agenda a couple times and identified a few of the sessions I'm most looking forward to. You can check that out here, but I'm also very interested in hearing about the sessions you're anticipating. Leave some feedback.


Finally If you see me around at Inbound, say hi and let's chat!

Josh Curcio
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This is the third year that Blend has travelled from the UK to INBOUND and we wouldn't miss it for the world.


INBOUND is really an exceptional event. The quality of the speakers and the learning available is really something. And the buzz is incredible - helped along by the huge effort the team put into looking after us all. 


@Josh's tips are bang on, especially planning in advance, which is essential. Also:


  • Grab lunch early, lines get long and trucks sell out
  • Travel light - there's lots of walking and standing, in between great sessions, and day becomes evening pretty seamlessly
  • Have Uber installed

I hope to see some of you there!

Phil Vallender
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Along with INBOUND, HubSpot hosts its annual HubSpot Training Day on Sep 25. One of our customer trainers is seeking feedback on best practices for Lead Nurturing emails, specifically the amount and cadence of emails. View his post here and chime in on what works best for you.





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Read about it here:





INBOUND 2017 is just around the corner. Find out more at or check out the post on the main Community page.

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Looking forward to a veteran meetup!