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It can be difficult to feel like you "know" someone when you've only chatted with someone online. Connecting when you have only seen someone's LinkedIn photo and read a three sentence bio is a great start, but we want to do more. 


Introducing Humans of HubSpot


We want to help you connect with members of the HubSpot Community to provide more information about your fellow Community users.


We will be spotlighting one user a week. There are no prerequisites or requirements to be featured. Our goal is to share stories from around the Community and help you connect with one another.


If you are interested in being featured in Humans of HubSpot, please fill out this form. 

We are excited to announce that the Community will be launching a weekly newsletter on November 2, 2020!
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Hey everyone, 


Check our Humans of HubSpot we have had so far: 


Alex Lopez

Kevin C

Alyssa Wilie

Scott Schofield

Mike Eastwood

Chris Bryant

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