Humans of HubSpot: Stefani Johnson

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Hey Community, 


This week we want to spotlight Stefani Johnson, you may know her as @StefaniUAT in the Community.


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Stefani shared her passion for data and when she started using HubSpot. Stefani shared a bit about her life, her passion and with which famous singer she'd love to have dinner with!


Tell us about yourself


Currently, I work as a Data Manager for the University of Advancing Technology, focusing on data integrity, HubSpot CRM management and Administration, and process improvement and documentation. I entered the Higher Education world to explore my passion for data, technology, and project management. I am also a full-time Dual Master's student pursuing Cybersecurity and Technology Leadership.


How did you start using HubSpot? Was it in your current role, or a different role?


I started using HubSpot as the Data Manager approximately four years ago when our University made the smart choice to switch from Salesforce to HubSpot.


Tell us a little bit about your company and your position.


I focus on data quality and integrity for the University of Advancing Technology which is an elite, private technology University in Tempe, Arizona. We are 100% STEM based and a designated Center of Academic Excellence sponsored by the NSA and Homeland. Our intimate campus is a geek's maven and family and mentorship-focused. We offer specialized majors such as Robotics and Embedded Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Maker and Fabrication, Network Security, and more. >>


What do you do for fun outside of work?


Working full time and pursuing two Master's in a little over a year takes up most of my time. When I do have free time, I love to spend time with family and friends, binge-watch Netflix, and hop on the HubSpot Community.


If you could have dinner with anyone in the world. (past or present), who would it be and why?


Freddie Mercury of Queen would be the ultimate dinner guest. "Excess is part of my nature. Dullness is a disease. I really need danger and excitement.".


Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself with us @StefaniUAT ! Wow, I'm so impressed with all you do in your current role, masters and having time to share your knowledge in the Community! Big Kudos to you, we are so lucky to have you here! 🙂 


Do you want to keep in touch with Stefani? Connect with her on LinkedIn


Stay tuned for our next Humans of HubSpot post for next week!

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2 Master's degrees!! Wowww👏

Key Advisor

@sharonlicari Thank you! I am happy to be a part of the HubSpot Community!

@natsumimori Hoping/attempting to earn two in less than 1.5 years with a 4.0 GPA, we shall see. 😛 

Community Manager

Very impressive!!!👏 👏 👏


Also I'm amazed you even have time to watch Netflix with your packed agenda! If you have any recommendations - let us know 😄

Community Manager

Thanks for all that you do for the Community, @StefaniUAT !


I'll go listen to some Queen now 🤘Great choice!

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