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Humans of HubSpot: John Elmer

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This week we want to spotlight John Elmer, you may know him as @johnelmer in the Community. He is part of our Community Champions program.


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John shared how he started using HubSpot and what he does for work. Discover what he does in his free time and with whom he would like to have dinner.


Tell us about yourself


At age 64, HubSpot is my third career. I started up Bayard Bradford (Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner) in 2017 with one client. In 2021 we spun out (HubSpot App Partner with over 2000 active app installations). We are a family business — my sons James Elmer and Charles Elmer are my business partners. I enjoy participating as a Community Champion and helping demystify integrations for HubSpot users.


How did you start using HubSpot? Was it in your current role, or a different role?


We discovered HubSpot in 2016 when we were working as Salesforce consultants and were dissatisfied with Pardot. Became a partner in 2017 and never looked back! We were doing RevOps before we knew that’s what it was called.


Tell us a little bit about your company and your position.


CEO Bayard Bradford. See above.


What do you do for fun outside of work?


I restore vintage motorcycles, I’m a gigging musician, and I just became a grandfather for the first time.


If you could have dinner with anyone in the world. (past or present), who would it be and why?


Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. Just want to hear his stories.


Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself with us @johnelmer

I can't believe you're 64! Can you tell me the secret to looking forever young? 🙂 


Stay tuned for our next Humans of HubSpot post for next week!

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Humans of HubSpot: John Elmer

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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

Humans of HubSpot: John Elmer

Thanks @kvonloesecke - I'm fortunate that my grandmother lived to age 107!

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