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Humans of HubSpot: Drew Cohen

Hey Community, 


This week we want to spotlight @Drew_Cohen, he is a member of our Community Champions program 


Drew shared how he started using HubSpot and what he does for work. Discover what he does in his free time and with whom he would like to have dinner.


Tell us about yourself


Longtime HubSpot leader/strategist, with both agency and in-house experience!


How did you start using HubSpot? Was it in your current role, or a different role?


I started using HubSpot about a decade ago when I helped a few friends launch their business website using what used to be called the HubSpot COS.


Tell us a little bit about your company and your position.


I am currently the Senior Director of Revenue Operations for Alto. With Alto's world-class platform, investors get access to alternative investment opportunities through some of the world’s most recognized platforms and fund partners.


What do you do for fun outside of work?


Spending time with friends and family as much as possible! Love to get together on football Sundays.

I've also always been really interested in how investors evaluate companies -- what data points they look at, how they evaluate talent, how they think about employee retention, etc. Consistently networking and meeting great people is something I really enjoy.


If you could have dinner with anyone in the world. (past or present), who would it be and why?


Steve Jobs -- he was such an innovator and such a unique personality by all accounts.


Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself with us @Drew_Cohen! I love football as well, which team do you support? 🏈


Do you want to keep in touch with Drew? Connect with him on LinkedIn


Stay tuned for our next Humans of HubSpot post for next week!

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