Humans of HubSpot: Carol Giacon

Community Manager

Hey Community, 


This week we want to spotlight Carol Giacon, you may know her as @carolgiacon  in the Community. 


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Carol shared some insight about what she does for work and how she started with HubSpot. Discover why she cried at INBOUND 2019 and with which amazing woman she would love to have dinner. 


Tell us about yourself


I am 33 years old, I am married to an amazing woman and I have 2 cats (T'challa and Olly), who are everything to me! I have always worked with digital, I love to be always connected to news and market launches. I've done a bit of everything with marketing, I've been a media, I've been a client, I've been an ad portal, I've been a HubSpot partner and today I went back to the client post. But if there is one thing I do today it is to preach the word of HubSpot, wherever I go, to whomever I go! I am very easy-going, I LOVE HubSpot and I cried when I went down the stairs at INBOUND 2019. It may be that I cried seeing @Bhalligan2 and @dharmesh  speak too, it was a dream come true! I LOVE helping others, teaching, giving support, a friendly shoulder, whatever you need I am there!


How did you start using HubSpot? Was it in your current role, or a different role?


I started using HubSpot in 2017-2018, my manager (who was in Colombia at the time) wanted to implement the tool in the company and brought the challenge of starting in Brazil with the implementation of Marketing and Sales. One fine day he came and said: let's implement HubSpot. Sit here with your friend Sales and let's go! And since then I have been in this incredible world! 

I was in the role of marketing coordinator at the time. Today I work as a HubSpot and Inbound specialist in another company.


Tell us a little bit about your company and your position.


Today I am acting as Coordinator at Suno, which is an investment analysis house focused on providing the best information to the public interested in the capital market. I came to Suno with the challenge of helping the team to implement and use HubSpot for all its Marketing, Sales and Service operations. Be it in the design of the journeys, implementation of flows in the tool, optimizations, reports, etc.


What do you do for fun outside of work?


I LOVE to travel, see a new place, get out of the rut. As the pandemic made this joy impossible, I had to look for new jobs at home. I'm learning to crochet (very old, I know), I like to cook and I'm a singer on housekeeping days (but I can't sing, sorry neighbors!). Also, I like to know what's going on in the world, I'm super attached to Twitter, I like to follow HubSpot's blogs to learn more about the job market and I'm currently marathoning Marvel movies because we need a little fantasy in our life!


If you could have dinner with anyone in the world. (past or present), who would it be and why?


There is one person that I think is so fun, in high spirits and always very cheerful, I want to spend an afternoon with her, laughing and being a friend: Jennifer Garner! What a woman, what talent, what a good person!


Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself with us, Carol! I'm a big fan of Marvel movies, I'm curious to know which one do you like the most? Who is your favorite superhero? 


Do you want to keep in touch with Carol? Connect with her on LinkedIn


Stay tuned for our next Humans of HubSpot post for next week!

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Hey @sharonlicari ,


Thank you so much for the kind post!! It feels wonderful to be a contributor to HubSpot and knowing that we are always helping others to improve and get more integrated to the platform!

It is an honor to be a part of the community and I will continue to spread the amazing word that is HubSpot!

Also, i reeeeally wish for the vaccine and the improvement on the covid pandemia so that we can all be together at INBOUND 21!

Thank you so much!

Carol Giacon
Inbound Specialist and HubSpot Lover
Community Manager

Thank you for sharing @carolgiacon! I'm also a big Jennifer Garner fan! Did you see her speak at INBOUND in 2019? Not quite as good as a private dinner, but a good start 😉 


I did, @jennysowyrda !!! She is always so fun and full of energy, it was a joy to watch. In fact, it was my very first INBOUND, so it was extra special!

Looking forward to attend many more (as soon as this pandemic is under control and everyone is safe!)! For now, I can´t wait for the online INBOUND 2021! ❤️

Carol Giacon
Inbound Specialist and HubSpot Lover