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Workshop: How Nonprofits Can Turn Engagement Into Impact

Calling all organizaitons and companies that want to cultivate deep engagement and make a real impact! This HubSpot for Nonprofits + New/Mode event is for you. 

Worshop: Hot Nonprofits Can Turn Engagement Into Impact
May 25 at 2pm ET

Register Here

Learn how Greenpeace Canada and leading advocacy organizations drive change. Specifically participants will dive deep into how to:


  • Combine powerful digital advocacy tactics using HubSpot and New / Mode's new integration
  • Create empowering user-journeys to build real supporter relationships
  • Build community power and lasting impact

We'll include real-life examples and a Q&A with Abbey Piazza of New/Mode, Louis Couillard of Greenpeace Canada, and Kate Lesniak of HubSpot for Nonprofits. 

The workshop takes place on May 25 at 2pm ET. Register here

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