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👋🏽 Welcome to the HubSpot Community for Nonprofits! We created this community board for the amazing folks in our nonprofit network to share challenges, find solutions, and connect with each other. 

Fun fact: More than 3,500 nonprofits around the globe use HubSpots tools to drive audience growth, cultivate new leads, and scale your impact—and that list is only growing.

If you don’t already know: HubSpot created its official HubSpot for Nonprofits program, where eligible nonprofits save 40% annually on our products. As we continue to invest in nonprofits leveraging HubSpot, you’ll see resources and updates roll out here. Even better? We find that some of the 🔥 tips and best practices come from nonprofits and solutions partners innovating on the platform and sharing tips, tools, and insights. We can’t wait to hear what’s on your mind. 

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Hey everyone, happy to be here. 


I'm new to the community page but very excited for the HubSpot for Non-Profits community.


I'm coming out of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago to be exact so my first and obvious question would be: Would there be any consideration to opening up the HubSpot for Non-Profits special pricing to countries outside of the US and Canada?


This would be a huge opportunity for HubSpot and for some of the major NGOs we have in our region. 

HubSpot Moderator

@Lyndon 👋🏻welcome to the community and thanks for the question! Yes, we're working on expanding nonprofit special pricing beyond the US and Canada. In the meantime, you can stay up to date on availability and program updates by signing up for our newsletter or reaching out to nonprofits@hubspot.com with more specific questions on your program or region. 

Participant | Platinum Partner

To apply for the program, my clients are being sent to Tech Soup... What do I need to tell my clients to have in their hands before getting into the tech soup application?  Thanks, Tom... HubSpot Platinum Partner. 

HubSpot Moderator

@twengler welcome and thanks for the question! To complete the Tech Soup verification process, nonprofits will need their EIN and 501c3 or similar type documentation. Let us know if you have other Qs -- we're here to support.

Participant | Platinum Partner

Have you tried to walk through the process from  the online application to tech soup approval? It's worth testing out - it's not a super clean process on the Tech Soup side. Happy to do this with you via zoom.



Participant | Platinum Partner

I am sending someone to apply right now.. will do this with them and report back on any issues.

Participant | Platinum Partner

Idea: Here's how we configure HubSpot to manage Investors / Donors. We deploy this model all the time for economoic development organizations and it can work for anyone.   https://youtu.be/tsSLW3ECflQ


Contributor | Platinum Partner

Hi Nonprofit Community!


My name is Karen and I work with a Hubspot Platinum Partner Agency that focuses on helping nonprofit enhance their digital marketing + donor management efforts by using Hubspot. Hubspot is the most powerful platform that an organization can use and it's secret weapons are the customization options and integrations with software that you already use. There are a lot of tools out there and none are one-size-fits-all. We wrote about some ideas you can consider as you build your nonprofit tech stack.


I hope to contribute to this community by helping answer questions and being supportive in any way that I can. Our team is making tutorials that are Hubspot + Nonprofit specific as we speak, so if there is something you want to see in platform feel free to send suggestions 😁 


Happy Holidays!

Karen HubSpot Forum Footer.png