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Webinar: Fundraising and Donation Management with Fundraise Up x HubSpot for Nonprofits

We're thrilled to share a two-part learning series on Fundraising and Donation Management hosted by Fundraise Up x HubSpot for Nonprofits. 

Part I [WATCH]: How HubSpot and Fundraise Up are Changing the Nonprofit Technology Landscape

Part II: How to Build an Omnichannel Fundraising Strategy  (Thursday, February 10 at 2pm ET) [Register Here

In the series, we'll discuss how nonprofits can use both technologies in tandem to better identify and understand their donors, close the gap between their marketing efforts and the support generated by their digital audiences, and hone in on the factors that drive generosity with deep data insights and an optimal donation experience.

The series builds on how nonprofits can get the most out of Fundraise Up's new native API-based integration, which features:

  • Custom donor portal
  • Expanded payment options, from regular credit cards to Apple Pay, G-Pay, and PayPal
  • Conversion rates as high as 37%
  • AI-suggested donation amounts 
  • ...and so much more.

We know that many of you are curious about how to best set up your HubSpot CRM for donor management so that you can get the most out of powerful automated workflows, connecting a donor's experience with an impact-driven cultivation strategy. If that's you, this series is a great way to get your questions answered. 

Ready to learn with us and join the conversation? Register now.


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