Using deals to track attendees?


We are an organization that provides training and faciltiation. We use deals to move our clients through our onboarding process and have added a custom field for the service start date (the day, or first day of a multiday, training).

Once the gig is confirmed, we then send a form out to the attendees and would like to easiliy associate all of the contacts from this form with the deal. Or, there may be occasions where we simply get a roster of folks via CSV and want to upload and associate them with the deal in one go. We would like to create lists easily from these contacts so that they are enrolled in the pre and post training email sequences. We are working on importing all of our pre-hubspot-adoption trainings and attendees as deals and contacts.


For our new process (post import of old gigs), how do we easily associate contacts from forms to a deal? 


Is this another way folks are keeping track of events such as these? The native "events" sadly only allow those from the integrations like zoom webinars? Is that right? 


Outside of creating a custom object, how do others keep track of any kinds of events with attendees? Would meetings be better? I am hestitant to do this because wouldn't all associated contacts get an invite? This might not be an issue for smaller online gigs as we use google calendar to distribute the zoom link but we would like consistency and to know what best practices are out there. 

I am charged with developing some good processes for us using hubspot. We are a nonprofit using starter and don't have budget for an upgrade or a consultant. Can the hive mind help? 

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Hi @EGonzales 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @JonPayne @SNigam @andrus @Mike_Eastwood do you have any advice for @EGonzales on this? 


Thank you!



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Thanks, Tiphanie. Still looking for some guidance. What are the best practices for event (online and off) attendee tracking?

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Hello @EGonzales 


Sounds like HubSpot new Marketing Events feature would work for you.


Happy to discuss – send me a private message and I will send you a calendar link so we can chat over Zoom.





i thought that Mareketing Events would be a helpful feature or property but as i understand it so far, it is geared towards the integrations with eventbrite etc. I want us to be able to add our own events and track attendees. Some of these are live, some online. Some we are hosting, some are managed by the organization we serve. As it stands right now, there is limited information to add to each event record, many of the fields locked down because of the integrations. Also, it appears that you can only track the # of attendees total instead of each contact. I'd love to talk if there is some trick i am missing. 


@EGonzales , I don't know if you solved this for your organization, so apologies for new post to an old thread -- may be helpful to others. 


I can't see a way to do this with HubSpot Workflows, so I solved a similar problem using third-party tool Zapier. Specifically, when I get a form entry, the (zap) automation creates a hubspot Deal, and then associates that deal with the Contact and Company (in my case, grant-seeker and their non-profit.)


When you do associations using this automation, you have to use ID#s. In your case, you are associating multiple Contacts with a single, known Deal, so you already know the Deal ID#. 

Works with any flavor of HubSpot, including free CRM. Let me know if you want details on how it's done.