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Tracking pledges

How do you track pledges for Nonprofits using HubSpot?

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Tracking pledges

@YodelerCori , I've set this up for a couple of partners by using tickets to track pledges. You can then use calculated properties to sum the amount donated through deals onto the ticket associated to the contact/company (have to use a third party integration like Make or Ops Hub to connect ticket to deal using contact ID or email address). You can send me an email at if you want to talk through it in more detail! 

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Gerente da Comunidade

Tracking pledges

Hi @YodelerCori,


Thanks for reaching out!

I moved your question to the HubSpots for Nonprofits space to make sure your post gets visibility.


I would like to tag in our community members to see if they have any insight.

Hi @KSenette4@HRubin@nicmiller@danmoyle@miavelasco - Do you have any use cases you could share with @YodelerCori? How do you track (or would you) track pledges in HubSpot?

Thank you!




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