Is anybody using HubSpot's Free CRM who isn't paying for the rest of the suite? Probably SMB/startup


Hello everyone,,

I volunteer for a small non-profit so there is little to no budget for software and buying full blown HubSpot is definitely out and too premium for us right now.

We're discussing CRMs at the moment and looking at options. There are dedicated CRM products for the non-profit sector that have rich functionality tailored for non-profits. One of these is almost certainly the best choice for us but "free" is a very attractive price point and could get us up and running, even if we switch to a more dedicated non-profit focussed platform at a later date, or buy into the HubSpot suite. On the other hand if the product is pretty limited without paying or using the rest of the HubSpot suite that's probably a waste of time.

I've found a few reviews of the product online but I haven't been able to find one that was useful that didn't reference the product in context of the rest of the suite or assumed paid for premium features. I am assuming this is "a freemium" product and there would always be a hard sell to upgrade, but I am wondering if it is possible to use it without paying and get benefits, or if it is effectively neutered unless you pay.

It looks quite attractive to me as a first step to get the team familiar with contact management but there's no point (for us) if it doesn't do that well without paying.

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HubSpot Moderator

Thank you for reaching out! We would love to learn more about the needs of your non-profit and provide clarity on whether or not the free products we offer would be the right choice for your organization at this time. If you click the link below, you will be able to schedule a meeting with a member of our nonprofits team to discuss our CRM offerings in more detail:


I know, having worked for and with a lot of non-profits the pull to free or cheap genrally wins - with hubspot the investment will yeaild a retunr in other costs being elimintated and data transparancy - this results in better donor managment, grant funding information and securing, as well and accountability between teams. However, if budget itsn't there yet for Hubspot and you aren't able to champion that right now I would look into Keap.