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Introductions... and 5 Helpful Threads to Get Started

📣Hello and welcome! 📣 Clearly we’re excited about introductions—but that’s because we’ve seen what’s possible when great minds focused on making an impact come together. 

First things first: This space just for nonprofits is new, but so many of you have been here for years sharing ideas, solutions, and challenges with the larger community. That said, we’re jazzed to introduce this space to coalesce and build something special just for us.

When you’re ready, here are a couple Qs to consider for your intro post: 

  • 👋🏽 What brings you to our community? 
  • 📍 Where are you located? 
  • 💡 What are you excited to learn about/share about? 
  • 👀 What’s the best thing on the internet that not enough people know about? 

Whether you’ve been here for years or you’re today years old when it comes to HubSpot’s community, step into the spotlight and introduce yourself! Need a place to start once you've introduced yourself? Check out our welcome post, or explore these threads we recommend:


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How often should you update your personas?

SEO Goal Setting and Reporting

Nonprofit Donation Management

How can I attribute revenue to HubSpot CTA clicks in Google Analytics? 

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