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Implementation Partner?


I'm looking for a consultant/contractor to help us get out Hubspot instance functioning more effectively, specifically for our fundraising ('deals') reporting and KPI tracking/management. Looking at the hubspot partner list was a bit overwhelming. Any recs on where or how to start?

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Implementation Partner?

Hi @EDeFigueiredo 


We regularly consult nonprofits on questions like: Do you need a best-in-class system, or an industry-specific platform? What type of integrations will you require? What, exactly, do you need your system to do? We get these questions so much that Lead Strategist Mandy wrote a guide about it!
We are passionate about the environment, human rights, and social justice and have worked with some amazing organizations worldwide, including groups working for racial justice in Oregon, gorilla conservation in Uganda, and indigenous rights on Navajo Nation.
Let me know if you want to chat more on how we can help you solve your issues. 
Kind regards


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Implementation Partner?

Hey @EDeFigueiredo


We've worked with hundreds of nonprofits and helped them understand, analyze, make better decisions off their data. Either be in HubSpot or Google Analytics. 


I'd like to offer a free 45-minute chat to see where you're struggling and where you specifically need help.


Here's my link to schedule some time.

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Implementation Partner?

Hello! We are excited to support you in this process. The director of our program, Julia Ford, would be happy to meet with you to provide assistance and you can grab some time on her calendar using this link: ​​