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HubSpot for Nonprofits Program: From Eligibility to Implementation

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Lots of nonprofits have asked our team what the journey looks like between applying for our program to implementing Hubspot's platform. The good news is that there are really just 3 key points to keep in mind that'll help you solve for some of your team's most pressing questions: 

We hear everything from: Which Hubs do we need to meet our team's needs?  How do you select the right Hubs? What about deciding on data migration versus starting fresh? Who can help teams with platform migrations? Is there anyone who will support us with ongoing strategy or technical work? 

Let's demystify the process with a three-step breakdown of a typical nonprofit's process with HubSpot. Leave questions in the thread below!


As a nonprofit, onboarding to HubSpot typically includes three key points:

  1. Applying for the HubSpot for Nonprofits program discount—eligible organizations receive 40% off Pro+ products.

  2. Selecting the right HUBs to fit your organization's functionality needs. Marketing HUB is where many nonprofits start because HubSpot's email segmenting and automation tools are both sophisticated and easy to use.

  3. Identifying a Solutions Partner—an agency or individual that specializes in HubSpot's platform— to guide your organization's HubSpot implementation. Some nonprofits decide to work with a Solutions Partner, others choose to implement themselves with an in-house HubSpot savvy team member and the support of HubSpot Academy


Since we launched the program, hundreds of organizations have onboarded—and we've learned a lot about where we can grow better, together. Ready to apply for the program? Here's your linkQuestions about the process or the program? Ask away in the thread. 

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Contributor | Diamond Partner

HubSpot for Nonprofits Program: From Eligibility to Implementation

Hubspot for Nonprofits is an excellent program. We have seen more than a few nonprofit clients thrive using the tool, one of which we wrote about 😁


Check out this Hubspot success story if you are thinking about taking the plunge!


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Thought Leader | Elite Partner

HubSpot for Nonprofits Program: From Eligibility to Implementation

Such a great program! I hope more nonprofits take advantage of it. Thanks HubSpot! 


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