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HubSpot Payments: An Overview for Nonprofits

HubSpot recently launched HubSpot payments, a native solution that allows HubSpot customers in North America to accept digital payments from their buyers. Since the announcement, our team has seen significant curiosity and excitement from our nonprofit community.

Let’s take a moment to understand the opportunities for nonprofits with HubSpot payments, as well as integrations to consider for a fully optimized fundraising experience.

  1. HubSpot payments lays the foundation for robust native e-commerce tools on the HubSpot platform.
    • The feature includes three new tools: Payment links, recurring payments, and payments-enabled quotes. 
    • These three tools could provide an excellent fit for a number of common nonprofit challenges because they allow for your organization to create unlimited unique payment (or donation) experiences that link to content and also trigger workflows or sequences for engagement over time. 
      • For example, nonprofits could use HubSpot payments to:
          1. Experiment with driving revenue for high-value gated content
          2. Build a paid newsletter list based on a one-time or monthly/quarterly/annual donation
          3. Execute a seamless major donor experience—especially in real-time engagements, like call time, meetings, or small events.  
          4. Promote earned revenue opportunities, like payment for speaking engagements or consultation time with thought-leaders at your nonprofit.

  2. There is room to experiment how donations and recurring donations interact with on-site content and automated workflows. 
    • Payment Options 
      • HubSpot payments accepts debit, credit, and ACH transactions. This is great for major gifts and sustaining donations, where the ability to customize landing pages for specific donors or retain revenue without worrying about credit card expirations dates are both critical. 
      • At the moment, HubSpot payments does not accept Apple Pay or G-Pay. 
    • HubSpot payments will track payment pageviews and submissions
      • Having all of the reporting details for who and how your payments pages perform right in your CRM—allowing for triggered workflows and other optimization—could supercharge your fundraising efforts. 
    • Property updates from payments can be used as enrollment triggers in workflows.
      • Like we said in our initial examples, workflows can easily be triggered when record details update from an action (or inaction) on a HubSpot payment page. This allows for automated follow up or delivery over time.
        • For example, if you’ve got a paid newsletter with a list that subscribers are added to with active payment (annual, monthly, quarterly—whatever the interval), HubSpot payments would allow you to pause the email send to lapsed subscribers if payment does not go through, as well as send custom reminders to subscribers to renew their subscription. It could also allow a workflow to trigger pre-emptively, asking a paid subscriber to renew before their expiration date.

  3. HubSpot payments does not—currently—have the functionality to create donation pages for fundraising campaigns at scale. We know that this is a critical feature for many nonprofits building and maintaining digital fundraising operations. 
    1. For a full suite of fundraising campaign tools, we suggest exploring key integrations, including:
      • FundraiseUp
        • Fundraise Up is the only native-based API fundraising tool for HubSpot. It provides an easy-to-use, nonprofit specific fundraising platform that will delight fundraisers and marketers as well as your donors. We welcome you to join HubSpot for Nonprofits director Julia Ford and Fundraise Up’s Wil Pope for a webinar on how you can get the most out of the HubSpot + Fundraise Up Integration next month.  
      • Classy
        • Built and maintained by HubSpot partner, Lynton Web, the Classy Integration, is a bi-directional cloud-based solution. It enables powerful sales and marketing by synchronizing contacts and donations between HubSpot and Classy.
      • DepositFix
        • DepositFix allows organizations to accept payments on HubSpot forms. The integration allows you to add payment fields from Stripe and PayPal to your HubSpot forms. This payment information is then synced to Stripe while customer payment data is sent to HubSpot.

There’s quite a bit to be excited about here, and lots to consider with HubSpot payments and your nonprofit. To learn more about how your organization can set up and experiment with this new feature set, head over to this 20 minute lesson on HubSpot Academy or book time with a payments specialist. You can also keep up with HubSpot for nonprofit developments and resources by signing up for our monthly newsletter

HubSpot payments are available to HubSpot customers located in the United States who have a paid subscription to any Hub (Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS or Operations). If this is you, then you can try HubSpot payments today.

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HubSpot Payments: An Overview for Nonprofits

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