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Hi nonprofit friends!  Thought I'd say hello and drop a quick introduction 😊


I work for an education nonprofit called OpenMind as the first ever Development Manager. We have recently made the leap from no CRM or database at all, to HubSpot! I'm very excited and curious to hear how others in the nonprofit space have built out HubSpot to manage things like individual giving, online donations, grant and report tracking, sending gift acknowledgment letters, etc.


I'm most curious how you've all figured out a work around for tracking individual giving. For example, if we get a check in the mail for $20 from an unknown individual, should that constitute a full on "deal" ? Or would you just mark that as a note on their contact file?


Let me know if you have any good tips or resources for starting out!

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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner


Hi @MaggieH 


I would like to share this solution right here on individual giving, online donations and much more. 

We have extensive experience with nonprofit-specific issues and would gladly help you. Here is a non-profit guide that our Lead Strategist Mandy wrote!


Let me know if you need any assistance. 




Community Manager
Community Manager


Hi @MaggieH,


welcome to the Community! 👋


Thank you for your question, I wanted to tag in a couple of subject matter experts to see if they have any tips: 


hi @StjepanGrcic@thejasonweaver@jfreeman, what is, in your opinion, the best way to track individual giving in HubSpot? Thank you!


Mia, Community Team

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