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DonorBox and Hubspot Native Integration

Hi everyone!


We are a newly formed non-profit and currently have the Hubspot Marketing Professional Plan and starter CRM pack. We just set up our donorbox account and our first campaign, and I also setup the native integration between Hubspot and Donorbox. I have been attempting to find some information on this integration and what contact properties for donors are essential to have, what exaclty is being transferred from DonorBox to Hubspot, etc.


As well, I am looking for some more ideas on how others have setup/segmented their pipelines and contact list for donations to trigger workflows and donor management. Unfortunately information on this integration is relativeley scarce and would highly appreciate if anyone has experience with this!


Thank you!

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Community Manager

DonorBox and Hubspot Native Integration

Hi @SHathaway6,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community! 


I'm not personally familiar with this integration, but I wanted to share Donorbox's app listing from the HubSpot App Marketplace which has details on which data is synced over to HubSpot. It looks like this integration syncs data over to HubSpot contacts and deals. 


Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 6.56.37 AM.png

I also wanted to share this setup guide from Donorbox. It looks like you should be able to view the mappings within the integration menu itself to get some more insight into which fields are mapped to HubSpot properties. Once you have visibility into the integration mapping, this can help with setting up automation strategies and pipeline management. 


If anyone has any experience with Donorbox, please don't hesitate to comment to share insight with @SHathaway6🙂 Thank you! 




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